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As a headshot photographer I can tell you that you don’t need to be “photogenic” or ridiculously good looking.

You just need to look like you on a good day!

I provide expert coaching and direction throughout your session to help you look more confident and approachable in under 10 minutes.

If you are ready to get the headshot you deserve, book your session today.

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Headshots are your online calling card.  The right images can help create trust and boost your opportunities.


Doctor Headshots

Get 11x more contact with your LinkedIn profile photo. Show that you invest in yourself and improve your network, business and opportunities.


Executive Headshots by Craig Greenslade

Company headshots don’t have to be boring. I can help you look more confident, approachable and professional and create a consistent brand image.


Becky's Actor Headshot by Craig Greenslade

Actor headshot images that will leave a lasting impression with casting directors and make you stand out from the crowd.

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Headshots Made Easy


Don’t book a cheap, generic photographer if you want high-end, professional results! Whether you are an actor or corporate executive, you will find your headshot session fun and effortless.


Save time and effort organising your team. I provide you with a custom booking calendar that can be shared with your team and allow them to book their own slot on the day and make your photo shoot effortless.


Receive my preparation guide full of advice on what to bring, what to wear and what to expect, so that you arrive ready to get the best out of your session.


Booking a professional hair and make up artist with your headshot photography can help you add that extra confidence and extra shine in your image.  I can arrange make up artists that will help you look fresh and natural for the camera.


See your images straight away and give/receive feedback instantly.  You get to select your favourite photos before leaving your session.


All headshot photographs are professionally retouched to remove spots, shaving cuts and blemishes. All retouching helps to look like you on your best day.


No complicated headshot pricing or packages. My rates are based on a session fee plus image fee, so you choose how many images you want and only pay for the photos you love.


Specialist headshot photographers can provide you with expert coaching and direction will help you look more confident and professional. I help you with body language and facial expression that boosts your images to the next level.

Francois – Professional Headshot

Avantigaa Headshot

Cila Headshot

Nathan Headshot

Business Headshot by Craig Greenslade

Irina – Corporate Headshots

Gordon – Business Headshot

Corporate Headshot by Craig Greenslade

Kingsley’s Professional Headshot by Craig Greenslade

Executive Headshot

Female Lawyer Professional Headshots

Catalina Headshot

What Our Clients Say

Case Study:
Spotlight Sports Group

Funny? Interesting to talk with? Good at putting people at ease? Can make even the most camera-afraid person look like a model?

Looking for a photographer in London who can check all of the boxes above?  Then Craig Greenslade is the photographer for you!

Sharon Chan

Marketing Director, Spotlight Sports Group

Corporate Branding By Headshot Photographer Craig Greenslade

London Studio & on location

London Studio

I work from my home studio in Motspur Park, SW London, UK.  This informal and relaxed environment will help put you at ease while offering top quality photography.

Mobile Studio Headshots In London

If you need photography in London, I can bring my mobile studio to you.  I bring lights, cameras and backdrops to your space to ensure you get studio quality images with even more convenience. All you need to provide is a suitable space!

Internet Provider

Can You Help With My Double Chin?

Yes, I have some tips and tricks to help reduce any extra weight you might be carrying under your chin.  I will help you achieve a stronger jawline in a few simple steps.

How Do I Book A Session?

I understand that your time is valuable.  I help make organising your headshots simple before and after the shoot.

Once we fix a date, I will provide you with your own custom booking calendar with a link to send to your staff or to schedule your team yourself. Once booked in, your team will receive my preparation guidelines with top tips on how to look your best on the day.

I bring my mobile photography studio to you. This includes the very best professional cameras, studio lighting and backdrops that allow me to produce flattering, high quality images all day, every day.

If you want to be sure that your staff is looking their very best, you can also request my professional hair and make up service.  This optional extra allows me to bring a hair and makeup artist who will guarantee each person is impeccably presented before stepping in front of the camera.

Booking me for a full day or half day corporate photoshoot is the most cost effective way to update your business headshots.  Simply make a booking and provide me with a space and I will provide everything else.  All corporate photos receive my basic retouching service, so there is no need to worry about those shaving cuts or spots.  In just a short amount of time, your staff will have fantastic images they will want to share with family, friends and online.

Why Your Photos Matter

Your photo is often the first thing people see when they form their first impression of you.  When you Google your name, what is the first thing that you see?  Whether it is your company website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook or Google result your first image is how you will be seen.  What does that image say about you?

A specialist headshot photographer can help create business headshots that help you to connect with potential clients.  Perhaps you are a CEO with serious responsibilities for many people.  Or you may be building a young, innovative new start up.  Each requires a slightly different type of portrait but ultimately you will want to look both confident and approachable.

Corporate Photography, Office Shoots & Candid Photography

If you are undergoing a rebrand or website refresh, you may require additional shots of your people at work.  I can help provide a selection of images for your company gallery.  Contact me to discuss your work and environment photography needs.

What To Expect From Your Photoshoot

Above all, I like to make my sessions an enjoyable experience for all involved.  The most commonly used word among my five star Google reviews is “fun”.  This is because I go the extra mile to make sure that my clients are comfortable, relaxed and ultimately happy with their images. Contact me to book your headshots session in London today.

Business Portraits & Executive Sessions

Sometimes, my standard corporate shoot is not suitable for all staff.  This is why I offer Executive Portrait sessions for CEOs and other senior staff.  Often these people require a range of images for Press Releases and other engagements.  Executive Portrait sessions provide a bespoke business portrait service for senior staff who prefer to spend more time and receive even more high-end photos.

How Do You Prepare For A Photoshoot?

Get some sleep the night before.

Arrive on time.

Ensure clothes are clean and crease-free.

Bring a tie for more formal shots.

Bring your glasses.

Keep make up minimal.

Decide if you want to be clean shaven.

What Do You Wear For A Session?

Your standard of dress reflects your image.

A well fitted suit or dress works for more formal images, while a shirt and jacket work well for more casual shots.

Layers work well, so bring options.

Avoid bold colours, patterns and brand logos as they can be distracting.

Leather jackets look great.

For most shoots, bring as many choices as you can because it’s often the last option you brought that works best on the day.

Do You Have To Smile?

Yes, in most cases you should smile in a headshot.  It doesn’t have to be a huge cheesy grin and we also don’t want your headshots to look like an awkward school photo.

A great headshot photographer will help guide you you to find the perfect confident smile for you.

What Should You Avoid?

You should avoid heavy make up, dirty clothing, badly fitted clothing, bright colours and strong prints, distracting jewellery and being tired or hungover.

Is A Selfie Ok?

Not if you want to look like a serious professional.

Should I Get A Haircut Before A Photoshoot?

Yes, you should make sure your hair is cut and styled properly but aim for at least 2 days before your photoshoot.  This gives your hair a little time to settle down and look its best.

Are Pohotos Retouched?

Yes, professional headshots should be retouched.  We all have blemishes, spots and shaving cuts.  The golden rule is that anything that won’t be visible in two weeks can be removed.

What Colour Background Is Best For A Headshot?

The background colour of your headshot depends on your intended use.  Classic white can work well for print and websites that need background removal.  Grey backgrounds are a more modern choice that helps colours and skin tones to pop and work well for social profiles like LinkedIn.

Are Your Actors Headshots Suitable For Spotlight, Backstage, etc?

My actors headshots are perfect for casting agents, management agents and sites such as Spotlight, Backstage and Casting Collective.